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In 2005 Dr. Govert Kerpestein, member of the Amsterdam Bar Association since 1992, obtained a doctorate in law at Leiden University with his doctoral thesis titled "Leasing of commercial property", a study about the new Dutch Rental Act of commercial property which came into effect in 2003.

The legal practice of Govert Kerpestein is specialized in rental law. His practice is firmly established from a scientific point of view. Govert Kerpestein is a well known and highly valued solicitor in de world of real estate in general and the world of leasing of commercial and residential property in particular. His handbook, titled "The leasing of commercial property" is the standard in Dutch rental law and is continually consulted by judges, solicitors, lessors and lessees. In 2011 the fifth edition of this manual on leasing was published by SDU Uitgevers in The Hague. The handbook may directly ordered from SDU Uitgevers through the homepage of this website.

Dr. Govert Kerpestein is also a member and examiner of the Dutch Society of rental law solicitors, guest lecturer at the Grotius Academy (Nijmegen) and Leiden University, lecturer at the Academy voor de Rechtspraktijk, post-doctoral programmes at SDU Studiedagen and author of textbooks for Euroforum. He is often invited to organise in-house courses on rental law at the larger law firms.

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